FIRST Team 1422 was founded in 2004 at CART, the Center for Research and Technology. It started with only a handful of dedicated students. Team 1422 had a successful rookie season and was awarded the Rookie All Star Award at the 2004 Silicon Valley Regional and the Rookie Inspiration Award at the Championship Event. Over the past seasons, the Neon Knights have also been awarded the Judges’ and the KPCB Entrepreneurship Awards. During the season, six weeks is alloted to constructing, programimng, and working together towards the common cause of completing a fully functional robot that fits the criteria of the year's specific competition.

In 2011, the Clovis West Robotics team, FRC Team 3296, merged with the Neon Knights. This partnership has created a unique dynamic. We created interdisciplinary bonds with students from sixteen schools whom otherwise would not have the opportunity to collaborate to solve complex problems.

For the 2013 Season, FRC 3296 adopted the original team number to honor the mentors and students who were instrumental in bringing robotics to the area. In 2014, the 1422 Neon Knights made way to semi-finals in the FRC Central Valley Regional competition and this previous year, our team competed in the FRC Central Valley Regional against various teams around the world and finished in the quarter-final rounds.

Our team looks forward to the 2020 season and would like to thank all of our sponsors, mentors and parents for making this team possible!