Our Mission

Our mission is to spark student interest in the fields of science, engineering and technology, as well as introduce students to a multitude of career pathways ranging from business management to mechanical engineering.  Our team strives to promote the values of FIRST, such as coopertition and gracious professionalism.  Furthermore, we seek to develop valuable life skills in students through team membership, public speaking and community outreach.  The Neon Knights are spreading the message of FIRST to our partners in the Clovis-Fresno Community and beyond. During the off-season, the team participates in volunteer events, team bonding activities, and teaching events/ workshops for peers. 


The team works to accomplish their mission by utilizing partnerships with the community. The team is currently affiliated with Clovis West High School, located in Fresno, California. This partnership has allowed us to work with exceptional teachers and administrators. Many of our mentors come from companies that sponsor us. Our mentors possess technical expertise and business savvy. This allows us to learn from industry leaders and provides us with priceless experience.